Thursday, 12 September 2013

Standing in your door

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Lyrics – Standing in your door
Hmmm hmmm
La la la la la la la

Am I a dream you see in your mind?
Or am I a song that you sing?
Am I song that you hear
When you believe?
It is me
It is me
It is me standing here before you
O my love, I love to love you
And I realise you love me too

La la la la la….
Na na na na….
La la la la ….

I could do so many things
But they’re not worth it without you
My primary repsonsibiltiy is to be with you
A helper meet to you
A companion at your side
To be with you, laugh and smile
It’s a brand new day that we got today
A day to the do the best of us
And I’m waiting and I’m hoping
That someday you’ll remember me
And I know you’re waiting
And I know you’re hoping too
But it is me
It is me
That you are waiting for me

It is me ….

Can you see me standing in your door
With a bunch of flowers I adore
I’m standing and waiting and hoping and I know
You see me
Standing at your door
You still love me in your soul
And I know it’s alright now
Though we’re miles apart, you’re in my heart
And I’m here with you, in my heart

In my heart
In my heart
In my heart
You’re in my heart
In my heart

Mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm ….

Lead guitar ….

In my heart
You are in my heart
You’re in my heart with me
In my heart.


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