Thursday, 12 September 2013

It’s today

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Lyrics – It’s today
La la la la la la la la..

It’s today
Got a brand new day
What will I do today?

It’s a new, new day
That the Lord gave
And allowed me to see

Went to the garden
It was washed by the rain
And the rain was still drizzling
Sat for a while on the porch
And the cats came to me
And we visited for a while
Then it was breakfast time
And I met my father
Sitting at the head of the table
And he ate
And we talked
And we celebrated
What God has done
Now he’s gone to work
And my mother’s playing the piano

And I sing to you
‘Cos that is what I   love

Yeah, I love to love you
With all my heart
It’s only one thing to do
I was made to be
A helper to you
A companion
By your side
Oh today

So here I am
And here I stand
Before you
Waiting here
Waiting to be right
By your side

It’s today
Got a brand new day
To subdue our land together
And celebrate
And have dominion over all our land


La la the morning
Now it’s the morning
Soon it will be afternoon
Then the evening
Then the night
That is all we need to worry about
Just today
Another day
To love you
It’s today

Here I am
Here I am
Yeah, I love to love you
Yeah, I love to love you
Oh today

When will I see you
Standing here
Or me standing there
I just wait and I hope
Will it be today
When we get together?

But you’re in my heart
So I know
It’s okay
For today.

Oh today!

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