Thursday, 12 September 2013

It is you

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Lyrics – It is you

Yeah, it’s gonna be one week that is oaver
And I’m gonna be in heat
Oh my parents are getting so jittery
I don’t know why
It’s natural

Gotta find me a man to recognise
That I am a grown woman too
In the heat of my week
What am I going to do?
In the heat
Waiting for you
To come and rescue me
In my heat

In the heat
In the heat
Of the month
What will I do alone
I am wondering
It’s a trouble
For today
That I gotta solve
‘Cos tomorrow my week’s over
And I’m wondering today
What shall I do?

It is possible that tomorrow
I have a man at my side
Gonna be so true
Gonna be so good
In my head

I’ve been waiting so long
As long as I remember
For you to come walking through my door
I kept thinking
If I did the right things
You would fall right into my lap

But now I realise and see
That I got to be searching
For my man
Wherever he is
Whoever he is
Is it you?

Is it you
I’ve been waiting for
And hoping to find

It is you
It is you
It is you
It is you
It is you
It is you
It is you
It is you
That I should have found in my youth

It is you
Well, here I am
Let me come to you
Wherever you are
And stand……


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