Thursday, 12 September 2013

I do love to love you

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Lyrics –  I do love to love you
The rain is gently falling down
There’s a drizzle that’s been going on
And it warms my heart to realise
That the Lord is pleased when I love you

And the heaven’s send the rain down
And the earth rejoices
And the flowers bloom
Yeah it’s cool and it’s good
And the earth rejoices

That is why we’re together
Been loving you forever
Subduing our land together
Side by side

And when we do this will of the Lord
Then He is so pleased with us
And He sends the rain in it’s season, yeah
And it waters the face of the earth

And the plants rejoice
‘cos their leaves are clean
Life-giving water
And the birds are happy and they sit in the trees

It’s a time of replenishment
A time for rejoicing
It’s the Lord moving
Once upon the earth

When I love you
And I celebrate what the Lord has done
It is good

And I realise and I love it so
Yeah, I love to love you
I love to love you
I love to love you
In my heart

You’ve always been there
Right from the start
When I love you
Then I’m happy
Then my land rejoices
Under me

And it’s so good
I celebrate
I’m a helper to you
Just to help you through
Therough the day
Through the night

All the time, all the way
On this glorious day
And there is all the time in the world
For us to celebrate
And rejoice
In our hearts

Oh the Will of the Lord is that we love
Each other
As He loved us
Yeah, He said, “Love one another as I have loved you”

And I sing
To you
In my heart
‘cos you’re there

It is where you hear me
And understand
That I do love you so true
And I do love to love you
It’s is my soul

I do
love you

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