Thursday, 12 September 2013

Bring it out

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Lyrics – Bring it out
Are you still lonely after all I’ve done
I keep doing so much
Trying to alleviate the pain and the loneliness in the grate

And it happens sometimes that I may not know
Am I doin’ it alright
Or am I on the floor
Or can’t you bear being apart
From me at all…

What shall I tell you, I sing to you
What more can I do?
It is good in my hand
The only thing to do…..
To do….
Woh woh

You’re good too, you have got something
Open your package, look in it
Don’t worry, I am here to be by your side
But I’m not you and me
Yes, I am, ‘cos we are one
No separate feelings
What I feel you know, what you feel I know
We know each other so well
We should hear this song
Then you will understand
That I do love you so true
With my heart, and my soul, and my body too
It’s today
I love you today
It’s today, when I love you, it’s today

Protect what is good
There’s a God to whom we must give due
He said “Do not give what is holy to the dogs
Lest they turn and tear you apart”.
Gotta protect what the Lord has giv’n
He has overcome already,
And He wants us to overcome also
He has got a plan
He’s got the vision
Don’t you worry, it’s in His hand

Just bring it out
It is in your heart
The Kingdom is within so bring it out
Bring it out
Bring it out
It is sufficient all around
Bless us Lord, what we have
Make it sufficient for the evening
We commit our way into Your hands
Your blessing we crave.

Thank you Lord.


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